Thursday, April 22, 2010

Class #95 Pilates Thursday 8:45 a.m. (Paige for Victoria)

For most of the quest I’ve been e-mailing teachers before I show up to let them know I’m coming. Recently though I’ve had trouble keeping all the balls in the air and so sometimes I just show up. Such is the case today and it turns out that Victoria is out of town for her daughter’s wedding so Paige is substituting.

Our teachers, by the way, are really great at arranging substitutes when they can’t make a class. Typically, the subs they get are ones that they know the class will ‘resonate’ with. That’s certainly the case today as most everyone in class knows and approves of Victoria’s choice as pinch hitter.

Before coming to class this morning, I stopped by the Racquet Club for about an hour to help with preparations to take down the bubble (the 5,000 pound air supported structure that covers their 25-yard pool). We typically assemble a crew of about twenty guys to do ‘bubble day’ and I’m almost always on the crew. Since I’ve asked several friends to help out over there today, I want to at least make an appearance cause I feel bad about being absent – even though everyone knows and understands about my group ex commitment. A week from today we’ll take down the LRAC bubble and I’ll miss part but not all of that day as well. I’m taking classes today to free up most of my morning next week so I can work on the bubble crew. Next Thursday, after the bubble's down (usually just before noon) with whatever energy I have left, I’ll do Carla’s TBC class. It'll be a fine warm up I'm sure.

Compared to working on the bubble crew, taking a Pilates class should be fairly tame although in the middle of the stomach series I may momentarily forget that. I’m so glad when we get to the end of that section today and someone let’s fly an audible moan. Some of this stuff is hard - we needn’t be so stoic - wail, weep and gnash teeth, I say, if you feel like it.

The other killer part of every Pilates class for me is the ‘side leg’ series. Every time, about halfway through this torture test, my thoughts turn dark about Joseph Pilates and whoever happens to be asking me to do ‘hot potato’, leg circles and leg pulses. Grrrrrr.

Paige is so sweet though, it’s hard to sustain any ill will toward her – she’s just a sub anyway. She’s a good Pilates teacher though, knows her stuff and plays nice music while we suffer in silence (mostly).

Paige Perritt

Okay, that’s enough whining for one blog. I need to save a little for the Zumba class I plan to take at 10 a.m.

In Victoria/Paige’s class there are about 18 fellow Pilateans. The lucky $25 gift card winner is Denise King.

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