Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Class #106 CardioMix Wednesday 9:00 a.m. (Beverly)

This class is a new invention from the creative mind of Beverly Lindberg. When I started the ‘quest’ Beverly had a class in this slot simply titled “Aerobics” but before I got to try that one, she implemented this new format beginning about a month ago.

Beverly has essentially divided the class up into a warm up, five ten-minute sections of ever changing exercises and a cool down/stretch. The ten-minute sessions are almost entirely cardio in nature although there is a ‘sculpt’ (i.e. weight lifting and ab) section near the end.

The cardio workout begins with ten minutes of kickboxing where we do jabs, crosses, uppercuts, speed bag work and a variety of kicks. It’s all very fast paced and has some manageable (i.e. I could mostly do it) choreography. There’s sufficient challenge in the choreography though to keep the brain engaged and on its toes, which makes it entertaining.

In another section Beverly uses a rope ladder on the floor to lead us through a variety of lightening quick foot movements. A lot of the drills look like things I’ve seen football players do with tires or in other agility drills. It’s surprising to me how tricky it is to do some of the steps with the ladder because at first glance they appear fairly simple.

Agility drills with a rope ladder

Other sections of class include various combinations of traditional aerobics moves like grapevine, heel jacks or side to side hamstring curls along with athletic moves such as simulating a basketball pass, catch and jump shot. Beverly also throws in a few Zumba movements like, say a mambo step here and there but it doesn’t get any dancier than that.

For me, the class is really fun. I’ve discovered that I enjoy these fast moving cardio classes where the patterns and exercises are changing all the time. And, a lot of the movements/steps that Beverly has included are more sports oriented making it somewhat more familiar to a rhythmically challenged guy like me.

The class today is mostly woman (there are two other guys besides me) and they seem to me to be having a fine time of it. Beverly is a really good teacher and can draw on her experience teaching a wide variety of classes to find interesting combinations of movements that keep things spicy.

Beverly Lindberg

In the forty-two minutes of class dedicated to cardio I burn 362 calories with an average heart rate of 117 and a maximum rate of 162. I could tell I was working hard in class but I was surprised that I got to 162 bpm because that’s quite high – I guess I was enjoying myself too much to notice.

Since this is a new class, I’d be remiss if I didn’t invite you to come check it out if you get the chance – I think you’ll like it.

There are about 22 in class this morning. The $25 gift certificate goes to Sabrina Dufis.

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