Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Class #67 Zumba Tuesday noon (Brittney)

Have you ever found yourself, perhaps in a dream, some place where you simply had no business being? If so, you may relate to my experience in today’s Zumba class. Even though it was my sixth Zumba class – for some reason I suffered an acute case of the dreaded sophomore slump today.

I had the thought about midway through class that God (as soon as She stopped guffawing) was going to file away the video of me doing Zumba today and should I ever exhibit excessive pride over any ‘accomplishment’ – She’d queue up the tape and bring me right back to Earth. I expect that won’t be necessary for a while as the vivid memory should do the trick.

On the bright side, I did find an even better place to stand in the room than the spot where I can’t see my reflection. That is, in the right back corner where it’s possible to mostly disappear behind the stack of bosu balls so that folks outside the room can’t easily see me. I’m afraid it’s a lost cause for those inside the studio – there’s no plausible way to hide from them.

I have learned that Zumba routines are repeated and “learned” by class regulars over time. This gave me momentary comfort until Brittney showed a brand new routine today and I couldn’t help but notice that most of the class picked up on it rather quickly whereas you-know-who was left to writhe like a worm on a hook (unfortunately that wasn’t a move she was showing).

I’m torn here between my goal of encouraging newcomers (especially guys in this context) to try out classes that they might not otherwise visit and the desire to honestly report my experience. There are, I realize, many men who are spectacular dancers (Michael Jackson, Fred Astaire and John Travolta spring to mind) and these fellows would have no trouble. There are perhaps even more male types though whom I suspect might be in the same predicament as I. To all of those guys I say – come on and give it a try you can’t possibly be any worse than I am and you just might have fun!

The weird part is that it is fun (kind of) – especially if you can get in touch with the inner toddler who couldn’t care less how many times he falls down because he’s fascinated with the idea of walking. That brat’s in there somewhere and I’m going to find him next time I take this class.

Brittney is a marvelous dancer and she has created some amazing choreography. I asked her after class how she comes up with the routines and she said that she and a friend (and fellow teacher) collaborate on putting moves together to music that they like. I told her I was impressed with her ability to devise these incredible dances.

Brittney Patty

It’s a sign of Brittney’s great diplomacy and supreme kindness that she actually found something to compliment me on at the end of class – saying I had a good sense of rhythm. This is exactly what anyone would want in a teacher – the ability to see potential where it seemingly doesn’t exist. Since I know that Brittney is an earnest (and very sweet) person I’m going to hold onto this praise and bring it – along with the fearless inner brat – to the next Zumba class.

There are about 12 in class today – all guys (not!). The $25 gift certificate goes to Amy Lazar.

This is my second class to take with Brittney. You can read more about her by going to the blog on class #15.

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