Thursday, April 15, 2010

Class #83 "Stretch" Thursday 8 a.m. (Victoria)

Victoria’s pre-Pilates class on Tuesday and Thursday is perhaps the most relaxing offering on our entire schedule (it competes only with Beverly’s Yoga/Stretch for that distinction). Ms.V has devised a 40-minute routine that celebrates an economy of movement. Everything has been pared down – even the class name – to just the essentials.

In today’s class, Victoria starts us out lying on our backs with our feet up the mirrored walls. In yoga, “legs up the wall” pose (see below) is considered to be the simplest form of inversion and is said to offer benefits such as: relieving tired legs, gently stretching the hamstrings, torso and neck, reducing strain on the low back and calming the mind. I don’t know about all that but it sure does feel good. This is also a pose that can easily be practiced at home or almost anywhere (I don’t recommend a crowded subway, however).

Legs Up The Wall Pose

My mind was so relaxed after this first pose that I scarcely remember what we did after that. I’m pretty sure we stretched some more. There was a strap involved, it was around my foot and I was using it to gently pull my leg toward me, yeah that was nice too. I think we did some side bending and maybe even brought our feet together in a cobbler’s pose. The lights were low you see, her voice so soft and soothing – next thing you know she’s telling us it’s time to go. Waah! Can’t I stay and s-t-r-e-t-c-h all day?

Victoria High

The room was full of fellow stretchers – though empty in the middle - cause we were all against the wall. I’ll guess that there were 18 but the whole thing is kinda hazy – maybe I only dreamed that I went to this class, hmmmm.

The thing is, I have some filled out entry forms and someone, Victoria, in my dream, picked a winner – Shirly Smith it was. If this class didn’t already make her day perhaps the $25 gift certificate will.

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