Saturday, April 10, 2010

Class #74 Water Aerobics Saturday 9 a.m. (Anna)

It’s a beautiful spring Saturday in the ‘Rock’ and I’ve had a full day. I started off this morning with a water aerobics class then went to a Zumba class then dashed over to the St. Vincent’s Professional Tennis tournament at PVCC to watch the semi-finals singles matches.

The tournament is really cool and this year marks its 28th anniversary in Little Rock. That makes it the longest running satellite professional tennis tournament in the country. To celebrate that fact, the president of the USTA (Lucy Garvin) is in town – it’s a big deal to have her come here. The tournament is also great because it raises money for New Outlook a women’s cancer recovery program under the auspices of St. Vincent's Health System.

In the semi’s two Australian guys are playing two Americans. The Aussies end up winning both matches. Apparently the two ‘mates’ left standing are best friends and doubles partners – they are in the finals of the doubles too. I especially liked John Millman, the young man from Brisbane who ousted the number one seed (Lester Cook) today. Millman and Cook have world rankings in the 200’s, which means they are right on the verge of breaking through to the big time. The finals start at 1 p.m. tomorrow Sunday April 11) at Pleasant Valley Country Club – the admission is free, it’s great tennis, check it out (I’ll have to miss the finals because I’ll be taking a class – I know that's a shocker).

Sorry, I got off the subject a bit. My first class this morning was in the pool doing water aerobics. As soon as I walked in the bubble, Anna told me we’d be doing a water Zumba class. Since I plan to go from water aerobics to (land) Zumba, I guess this news is apropos.

Anna Swallow, our instructor, is a complete kick in the pants. She is super high energy and loads of fun. She likes to teach mostly from the pool deck where we can easily see her. Since this class is water zumba she’s doing salsa dancing the whole time and she’s a good at it too. Fortunately most of my ‘moves’ are safely hidden beneath the water.

Anna banana from Montana

The only difficulty with teaching from the deck is when Anna wants us to do something where our feet aren’t supposed to touch the bottom. “I can’t levitate”, she explains when we ask why she’s not showing us the EXACT move she wants us to make. Actually I think she CAN levitate and is holding out on us.

As in previous water aerobics classes I get a challenging workout and I suspect I’ll be a little weary for my next class. There are about 12 in class today – all women except for me. I should explain too, that in water aerobics for some reason (I haven’t asked) there’s often a pod of regulars who drift off to the deep end and do their own thing. They are still part of the class in the same way that Hawaii is part of the United States (only easier to get to).

The $25 gift certificate winner is Nancy Greer-Williams.

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