Monday, April 12, 2010

Class #76 Yoga Stretch Sunday 2 p.m. (Beverly)

I’ve taken a lot of hard classes over the past week and frankly I’m pretty tired. It’s important, I think, to slip in a quasi-rest day whenever possible. Looking at the schedule of remaining classes (34) and days in which to complete them (19) – I won’t be getting much rest from here on out (the quest ends on April 30). So, for today, I’m doing Beverly’s luscious Yoga Stretch class.

Beverly teaches this same class three times a week and today completes the set for me. As I’ve mentioned in earlier blogs – this is ‘restorative’ yoga, which emphasizes stretching and relaxation over power and balance (all aspects of a yoga practice). It’s designed to be a pleasant experience and that’s just what I need/want.

Beverly Lindberg

Apparently, I’m not alone because there are nearly 20 in class, which is even more impressive given the fact that it’s an absolutely gorgeous day outside. I’m glad to see this kind of offering find its place because I believe that a well-rounded fitness regimen needs both strenuous effort and purposeful relaxation.

The class does include some powerful asanas in it such as; downward dog, plank, warrior I and II, triangle and gate pose but we don’t hold any of them for extended amounts of time. The work that is done just makes the ultimate pose of shavasana that much sweeter.

Beverly lets us luxuriate a little longer than usual in corpse pose (shavasana) and her soft voice coaxes us to relax, relax, relax. I’m getting sleepy just typing this.

The $25 gift certificate winner for this class goes to Becky Webb.

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