Sunday, April 11, 2010

Class #75 Zumba Saturday 10:30 a.m. (Bonnie)

I’ve got thirty minutes after the end of Water Aerobics to make my way down to the Zumba class. With the extra time I decide to hang out in the whirlpool for a few minutes to warm up my body and relax my muscles. It feels great but I wonder what all this time in the pool/whirlpool will do to my coordination once I hit the dance floor.

My budding junior tennis career ended many years ago, at age 14, after being unable to make the adjustment from pool to tennis court one day. I was entered in a tournament at Walker Tennis Center and for some reason decided it would be okay if I attended swim practice before my first round match. I arrogantly assumed I would win my match since I was playing a kid who was 2 years younger than I. Not surprisingly, the swim workout left my legs rubbery and uncooperative. My opponent took advantage of my wobbly play and easily beat me. After that match I decided I couldn’t both swim and play tennis competitively so I gave up tennis (for about 15 years anyway) to concentrate on swimming.

There’s less at stake this morning – since even under the best of circumstances my dancing is wobbly. It’s even possible that rubbery legs will help overcome my customary Al Gore stiffness and turn me in to a loose limbed Bo Jangles - but I wouldn't bet on it.

Bonnie’s class is really a lot of fun for me. Her steps aren’t too complicated and she likes to focus on the fitness aspect of the movements. In fact, for any guys out there who are interested in trying Zumba but maybe a little nervous about the whole thing – this is the class to take the plunge.

Bonnie attracts a large and enthusiastic crowd this morning. I would guess there are about 30 in the room – all women but for me – ranging in age from 8 to about 70. This multi-generational aspect makes me happy and the class itself is joyful. At one point, Bonnie invites the 8 year old to come up front and dance with her and she happily complies. The 8 year old, I notice with some chagrin, learns the steps with ease.

Bonnie and Zumba whiz Marissa Williamson

I’m wearing my heart monitor today for the first time in a Zumba class. I keep glancing down at my watch to check my pulse and a neighbor in class assumes out loud that I must be counting the minutes till class ends. "Not guilty", I protest - at least not this time.

At the end of class I've burned almost 400 calories. My average pulse rate is 118 with a max heart rate of 144. Not quite as high as a typical bike class but still pretty good, I think.

This makes my 11th class of the week so far and I'm pretty tired. I plan to take Beverly's Yoga Stretch on Sunday to restore my energy as I head into the home stretch of this marathon.

Today's $25 gift certificate winner is Christina Peace.

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