Monday, March 29, 2010

Class #55 Zumba Monday 9a.m. (Beverly)

This is class number 55 - a significant one for me because it signifies the halfway point on my journey to completing the 110 weekly classes on the LRAC schedule. It seems like it’s taken a while to get here but it provides a psychological lift knowing I’ll be counting down from here on out.

I’ve just completed the Pryme Tyme Sculpt class (see blog on Class #54) and stick around in the Group Ex studio to take the next class - Zumba by Beverly. It’s apparently a popular “double” because about four women from the first class stay to do the second one with me.

This makes my fifth Zumba class and it would be overstating it to say I’ve got the hang of things but my comfort level is growing ever so slightly. The key to my survival in Zumba is to keep my expectations of success extremely low. Every time I stumble onto the right step on the correct beat is a victory to be chalked up and savored.

I learned a new trick in class today that made me feel better. I discovered that by standing in the middle of the room (on the back row of course) I had a direct view of the stereo system nook instead of my reflection in a mirror. I’ll have to remember this for future classes.

I’m not sure if it was the learning curve kicking in or the fact that Beverly’s steps were a little bit easier to follow but I found at times that I was more or less doing what she was doing. It helped a lot that she shows a routine and then repeats the steps enough times that eventually it sorta sinks in. I did say more or less – the less part being the flourish – that is, any hip movement or say a fancy hand gesture – those details remain beyond my reach.

Beverly (right) and frequent student Alene Goetz

I’ve mentioned before that the whole hip gyration thing eludes me in Zumba. Today I noticed that sometimes when I try to move my hips, it’s actually my shoulders that shimmy. This is another good reason to find a spot to stand where no reflection is visible.

After class, Kelly Parker, the Club’s Communications Director, who happens to be a very good dancer, and also attended Zumba was telling me that it was helpful for everyone to regularly attend the same teacher’s class because in that way you learn their routine. This is a disadvantage to the way I am taking classes since I never get to repeat the same class twice. Kelly tells me that she regularly attends Beverly’s Monday morning class and absolutely loves it.

Beverly, like all the Zumba teachers is a terrific dancer and offers really good cueing by continually calling out what’s coming next – which really helps. She also incorporates a few moves that are similar to what’s seen in a dance aerobics class and which are easier for me to grasp. Furthermore, she is obviously having a good time while teaching, which is infectious.

People keep asking me what my favorite class is so far and I’ve got a couple of answers. I love doing yoga and it’s in my comfort zone because I’ve done a lot of it – so that’s one favorite but if I had to pick a favorite that’s way outside of my comfort zone it would be Zumba or Nia. Both of these classes are really fun and the time just flies by plus I’m always sweating profusely, which is proof of how good the workout is.

Today in Beverly’s class there are 17 participants – all women except for me. The winner of the $25 gift certificate goes to Mary Sanati (this is about the 6th class I’ve taken with Mary so it had to happen sooner or later).

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