Friday, March 26, 2010

Class #50 Zumba Friday 8:00 a.m. (Paige)

This morning I am going for the Friday dancing double. Back to back classes in Zumba and (Dance) Aerobics. It will be a good contrast to see the “old” (Aerobics) and the “new” (Zumba) side by side. First up is Zumba.

For latecomers to the blog – Zumba is an amped up hour of dancing/gyrating, etc. to rhythmic Latin music. It was developed by a fancy dancing dude in Columbia (the country not the home of Mizzou) and it incorporates steps from salsa, merengue, samba, rumba, cha cha, hip-hop and a bunch of other words that I know nothing about.

"Beto" Perez - Originator of Zumba

I’ll tell you this – it’s fun to watch Paige do Zumba – the girl can move. I can also say that as soon as I forget about what I look like (hard when you're surrounded by mirrors) it’s a lot of fun. Some steps are easier than others but objectively speaking – nothing I do looks remotely like what Paige is doing.

Paige Perritt

It’s the whole hip movement thing that I’ve lamented about in previous Zumbaesque blogs. An integral part of doing Latin dancing is being able to move the hips in a rhythmic and supple way. It dawns on me that swimming butterfly (my best stroke in college) required this sort of coordination but I guess it doesn’t translate to dry land. Or maybe, I just need to practice it a lot more instead of whining about not being able to do it.

This is my 3rd Zumba class but first one that’s not intended for kids. I’m glad that I warmed up twice with the Zumba for Kids class because there is some incipient learning curve that’s kicking in. There are a total of 9-10 Zumba classes on the schedule so maybe by the last one I’ll have a bit more of the hang of things. Even if I do it everyday for the next ten years, however, I ain’t ever gonna be confused for Paige.

The music in the class is really great and it’s the kind that makes you want to move. Along with lots of sassy Latin tunes meant for the tango, samba, rumba, etc. Paige also throws in the oldie-goldie “ABC” from Michael Jackson, which is fun cause I know it well (shake it shake it baby come on now, etc.). At one point, Paige while introducing a new routine says “sorry about this Pat” – and launches in to what turns out to be the “belly dancing” song. Sorry, indeed.

Zumba is the kind of workout that doesn’t feel like a workout at the time because it’s too much fun. It’s a similar feeling for me when I play beach volleyball because I never think about how hard it is or how much I’m sweating it’s just what I love doing. There’s a lot to be said for exercising in this way.

At the end, everyone in class is super nice and encouraging to me. I’m definitely given credit for trying, which feels good. It’s also a common theme in all the classes I’ve been to at the Club – the regular participants love it when new folks come in and they really WANT you to like it and come back.

This morning there are about 12 in class – all women except for me. The $25 gift certificate goes to Carol Schriver.

Next up, Aerobics with Sheffield Duke.

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