Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Class #36 Zumba for Kids Tuesday 3:55 p.m. (Lisa D.)

"choco choco latte, choco choco latte, everybody wants a choco latte!"

I’ve just been to my second version of Zumba for kids and the above lyrics are dangerously stuck in my head. Apparently this song is an internet sensation with it’s own set of dance steps that are well known. By some. Not by others. Like me.

Anyway, it’s a really catchy tune and fun to move around to even if my movements don’t exactly match the teacher’s. Below is a clip in case you’d like to try it at home (by the way, all of our Zumba teachers are much better dancers than the yahoo's in this video, it was just the best I could find to give
you an idea of the choco choco song)

I went to Zumba for Kids today because Mary Olson (Club Manager) and Dana Smith (Club Controller) told me they were going. These two, inspired by the ‘quest’ have decided to try one new class a week and they chose this one today. There’s safety in numbers you know so I decided to crash their party.

Normally the teacher for this class is Karen Tonti but today she called in Lisa Duke to sub for her. Lisa was bravely pinch-hitting even though she had never taught Zumba before. I wouldn’t have known that if she hadn’t told me – I thought she did great. She was really good with the kids getting and holding their attention (no easy task) while she danced us through the 7 or 8 songs on the program.

Lisa Duke and family

It’s a cool class to be in and see all the manic energy of the children. Several of them knew all of the songs and dance moves as well as Lisa even though they appeared to be about 7 years old.

Remember, at 3:55 on Tuesday and Thursday it’s Zumba for Kids so if you want to wear out your child before dinner bring ‘em on by. They’ll thank you for it.

I’m going back to back this afternoon – up next is Power Pump with Bonnie.

….choco choco latte….choco choco latte…everybody wants a choco latte!!!

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