Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Class # 26 Yoga Stretch Tuesday 11 a.m. (Beverly)

Yoga S--t---r----e-----t-----c------h umm umm good. I needed this and it was a perfect complement to the Power Pump class that I attended earlier this morning.

This class, created by Beverly Lindberg is one of the most relaxing options on our group exercise schedule. It focuses on what is known as restorative yoga – using postures that promote rejuvenation and flexibility. Based on today’s attendance it’s also quite popular.

Beverly has a very soothing voice and presence so everything about the class is geared toward slowing down. That said, there were also some challenging techniques included in the sequence such as: downward dog, low lunge, twisting high lunge, warrior one and two, dolphin, triangle and plank among others but we didn’t hold anything so long that it ever became overly strenuous.

We also did some partner yoga, which is always fun and can help to gently increase flexibility. But the general direction of the class was toward relaxation. For the final twenty minutes we did a long restorative chest opener on a bolster and then finished with a beautifully guided relaxation during shavasana. (I find myself relaxing just writing about this).

Beverly has been teaching at the LRAC since 1993 and is very well trained in all areas of fitness, wellness and nutrition. In fact she owns a business called Wellness & Fitness by Beverly, Inc. She is a Certified Lifestyle Counselor and has a Ph.D. in nutrition. If all that isn’t enough, she’s also certified by the Cooper Institute in Dallas as an Advanced Physical Fitness Specialist.

Where yoga is concerned, Beverly has completed two teacher-training programs with YogaFit and has also had advanced training in Vinyasa Yoga. The girl is well qualified and prepared to teach.

Along with Yoga Stretch, Beverly also teaches Aerobics, Senior Weights and a Zumba class for a total of six per week. That means I’ll be seeing her five more times, which is just fine with me.

There were around twenty in class today, mostly women but also a few guys. The $25 gift certificate winner is Elizabeth Varughese.

I’m planning to make an early morning bike class tomorrow – talk to you then.

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