Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Class # 28 Yoga Wednesday Noon (Jeanie)

I’m indulging in yoga for a second time this week, which I know is a little greedy but the class time happens to fit my schedule and, as usual, I can use the restoration that yoga brings. Besides, I’ve been looking forward to taking a class from Jeanie Pierson. She’s a relatively new teacher for us but someone I’ve known for a long time as I’ll explain below.

Jeanie came to yoga somewhat late in life but fell in love with it completely. She entered the yoga world already wise and loving but found a new context for her wisdom and new ways of expressing what she finds essential about life. Her teaching is filled with lessons about life’s wonder and blessings.

For instance today with the first glint of spring in the air, the lesson is about “cleaning house”. She encourages us to look at what’s no longer serving us internally and to clear it out thereby making room for what we are passionate about and what serves others.

Jeanie is also passionate about gardening and brings us a metaphorical quote (not her own, she tells us) about the potential transformation that lies within us all. “And finally the day will come when the risk it takes to stay tight in the bud will be more painful than the risk it takes to blossom”. Nice.

In the posture practice she guides us step by step through the sun salutation as a warm up before putting it all together in a flow. From there we practice Warrior I, II and III, triangle, side angle, tree, half-moon, cobra, plank, side plank and more. The postures are arranged in seamless flow that makes them meditative in practice, sometimes challenging, sometimes relaxing. It’s a nice class and I’m glad I came.

I met Jeannie years ago after becoming friends with one of her sons, Jedd. He came out to play volleyball on the beach court one day when he was about 16. The rest of us were in our 30’s at the time but we saw his athleticism and potential and welcomed him into the fold. Sure enough, Jedd would develop into a very salty player. Eventually, he and I played many tournaments together and through the years I grew to adore Jedd and his whole huge family. (Jedd at right, below).

Along with Jedd, Jeanie and her husband Richard have six other grown children, most of them having worked at the LRAC at one time or another and every one of them a great employee for us. The Piersons also have 17 grandkids so it’s just a matter of time until we can cease forever the need to run “help wanted” ads.

Jeanie is certified through YogaFit in Hatha Yoga and has earned her RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher) and ERYT (Experienced RYT) designation along with certifications in Prenatal/Postpartum, Restorative, Senior and Kids yoga and she’s just getting warmed up. She teaches at the LRAC, NLRAC and in her home studio known as Yoga Garage. I’ll be back to see her several times before the ‘quest’ is over, which is lucky for me.

The $25 gift certificate winner in this class was Karen Ritchey.

Okay folks, I’m actually off on a short vacation from tomorrow through Sunday. I’ll grab a little R & R and be back at it on Monday. Perhaps I’ll send a check-in blog from the road.

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