Monday, March 22, 2010

Class #44 Senior Weights Monday 1p.m. (Jeff)

This is my second foray into the senior weights class that Jeff teaches. The first one was on a Wednesday and came right after one of Carla Branch’s bike classes so I was pretty wiped out. Today I am fresh and ready to go.

As I mentioned last time, this class grew out of the Cancer Well-Fit program that the Club used to operate in conjunction with CARTI. For the last several years though, it has been run as a strictly in-house program called Senior Weights.

It’s basically a sculpt class for the “mature” audience. We spend most of the class doing exercises with hand weights or Pilate’s rings while sitting on a Swiss Ball. Jeff Witherington, the instructor, is as laconic as they come and begins class by simply starting to do the desired exercise motion with his arms. After a few minutes, everyone else joins in. From then on, Jeff calls out each exercise and the number of reps he wants along with a reminder here and there about form and everyone goes about his or her business.

I imagine that most of these folks have been coming for quite a while and they know Jeff’s every move. For some reason there’s much less social talk in the room today compared to the last time I came and I’m not sure why – maybe it’s just that everyone’s bracket is busted in the NCAA’s and they don’t want to talk about it.

About five minutes after the class starts a man comes into the room accompanied by a woman who turns out to be his daughter. It’s apparent that she has brought him to this class to see if he’ll like it. I don’t think the class gets too many newcomers - nor many men for that matter. It takes our new classmates a few minutes to get the hang of things but with the help of neighbors and Jeff coming over occasionally to say something they begin to catch on.

I asked this gentleman after class how he liked it and he indicated he’d be back. My guess is he’ll feel today’s workout in one muscle or another tomorrow but hopefully it will be a good soreness if he does.

As usual, the class is close to full with about 20 folks in attendance. Everyone is so kind and neighborly that it’s a group that would be easy to get comfortable in. It’s also a good workout and I’m impressed with how diligently everyone stays with the exercises throughout the hour.

This is also one class where EVERYONE signs up for the $25 gift certificate, which I love. Today’s winner is Jody Allison.

Next up, the 5 p.m. cycling class with Heather Isbell.

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