Friday, February 19, 2010

Class #8 Zumba for kids 3:45 Thursday

Since this class is “designed for ages 5-12”, technically speaking, I don’t qualify and could have reasonably opted out. But that’s not the way I roll. I told you I was going to all the classes on the schedule” and by (bon)jove(i) that’s what I’m gonna do.

Plus it’s only 30 minutes long. And, it’s good practice for the hour-long version of Zumba that I’m sooo looking forward to.

I’ll spare you the ‘history of Zumba’ lesson today since this was more or less a trial run and because I don’t feel like getting in to all that right now. I will say, for those who don’t know – Zumba is a dance-oriented class with a “Latin flavor”, which, you can bet, is pretty much my specialty.

Truthfully, this is one of my favorite classes on our whole schedule because it’s the only one specifically designed for kids. It’s a hoot to watch 40-50 youngsters bouncing off the walls and dancing with abandon. I would imagine that most parents appreciate the post-Zumba serenity- if that in fact occurs.

The kids seemed to take my presence in stride. A few even mistakenly assumed that as an adult, I must know what I was doing and would follow my smooth moves for a few seconds before coming to their senses and traipsing off to greener pastures.

As for me, I had a blast. The music is great and would make anyone want to move. I can’t help it that I look like Al Gore doing the rumba. In spite of all that, I noticed halfway through class that my heart rate was zooming. It’s cool when you can get your pulse that elevated and not even be aware of it.

The ZFK class instructor is Karen Tonti. She is a fabulous dancer and has great energy and rapport with the kids. Karen is a recent transplant to Little Rock, having lived previously in Gulf Breeze, FL and Atlanta. She discovered Zumba at the LRAC when we began offering classes almost two years ago. She loved it so much she decided to get trained to teach and has been teaching the Kid’s Zumba twice a week since the school year started. Karen has three children of her own – in fact, I think they were in there dancing with us.

Karen Tonti

Okay then. This is my fourth day in a row of two-a-days and the ole bod’s beginning to feel it. I plan to dial it back to one class/day for Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Next up for me is Hard Core Stretch on Friday morning at 5:45.

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  1. This is a the Saturday Night Fever look, it is working for you.

    I have seen Karen in action while waiting to go into my yoga class. She is great and so much fun to watch...from the bench.