Monday, February 15, 2010

Class #2 Flowing Yoga Noon-Monday

Ah yoga! Being a regular and long-time practitioner of this discipline, today’s noon class was well within my comfort zone. It was also a nice peaceful contrast to the martial goings on of this morning’s class (see blog #1).

The noon yoga class is a recent addition to the schedule and grew directly out of our “Intro to Yoga” series. The idea being that members who completed the Intro course needed some ongoing class options to move into. There was a hole in the schedule at noon on M/W and, voila, a new class was born. Perhaps not as dramatic as the birth of a yellow dwarf sun but noteworthy nonetheless.

Speaking of stars, today’s yoga instructor, Mary Turriff, moved to Little Rock a few years ago from southern California where she made her living as an actress in tv, film, theater and commercials. After starting a family, Mary decided to move back home to Little Rock to raise her children and we’re glad she did.

Mary Turriff

Mary has been regularly practicing yoga for almost nine years. This weekend she will complete the year-long intensive teacher training program offered by Matt/Holly Krepps (former owners of Barefoot Yoga Studio). So, while somewhat new to teaching, Mary’s gentle and graceful presence and confident delivery make her a natural yoga teacher.

In today’s class our goal pose was “half moon” which can be a challenging posture but Mary skillfully showed modifications so that all levels could attempt this asana in safety. Nine others, all women, attended this yoga class with me. That makes two classes today where I was the only guy – not that I’m complaining – just reporting the facts.

Okay folks, that’s two down 109 to go. Tomorrow morning, if my alarm clock works, I’ll be attending the 5:10 a.m. (can you believe there’s a class that early?) group cycling class. I plan to follow that up with the 9:00 a.m. water aerobics class.

The winner of the $25 gift certificate in the noon yoga class is Joanne Dunn – way to go Joanne! Last but not least, today was instructor Mary Turriff’s birthday – happy birthday to her!

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  1. Mary, that is an absolutely beautiful picture!
    Stacey from (Thurs 11 am yoga) =)